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Surprising truth about hand hygiene during COVID-19

Proper hand hygiene has never been discussed more than it is today. Hospitals are working harder than ever to keep patients safe, even while their providers jeopardize their own health. One might expect that raised awareness due to the pandemic would lead to improvements in hand hygiene, but a recent study reveals without intervention, hand […] [MORE]

More evidence why hospitals must educate patients about hand hygiene

If your hospital doesn’t include patients in its hand-hygiene efforts, it needs to start. Here’s why: New research suggests patients could be just as responsible as healthcare workers for spreading superbugs from one patient to the next by not thoroughly washing their hands. 

2 ways AI will change care delivery in hospitals

Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to change how many organizations do business. Hospitals are no exception to the rule. Advances in technology will help facilities provide better care in many ways, and this will likely happen sooner than later. 

Patients play role in promoting hand hygiene

Getting clinical staff on board with hand hygiene is essential to stopping the spread of disease in hospitals. To do so, many facilities are making patients more active partners in reminding their providers to wash their hands, and they’re using unique tactics to do so. 

Why hand hygiene is critical for patients

Hand hygiene isn’t just important for doctors and nurses. New information shows that getting patients to be more vigilant about washing their own hands can help stop the spread of superbugs and bacteria in hospitals. 

Placement matters with hand sanitizer dispensers for visitors

Making sure everyone follows correct hand hygiene protocol at your hospital is important. It’s hard enough to get doctors and nurses to wash their hands regularly, but you also have to worry about visitors’ hand hygiene. 

2 strange cues that could boost hand-washing rates

Despite its importance, it can be tough to make sure hospital staffers remember to follow correct hand-hygiene protocol. Now, new research shows that two odd cues may prompt more doctors and nurses to wash their hands. 

Where bacteria hide in ICU workstations

Germs could be lurking anywhere in your hospital – particularly in areas where highly infectious critical illnesses are treated, such as the ICU. And even after standard cleaning procedures are complete, there may still be some leftover bacteria in surprising places. 

2 strategies to cut down preventable admissions

Improving patient outcomes and avoiding unnecessary admissions could come down to a few simple steps. 

Hand hygiene: Keys to compliance

The easiest way to prevent infections in patients is practicing proper hand hygiene. But hospitals across the country are missing the mark. A new report describes just how lax hand-washing practices are in many facilities – and how to improve adherence to hand-washing guidelines.