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Nurse pleads guilty to $25M Medicare fraud scheme

A Miami-area nurse has pleaded guilty to her part in a huge scam.

Two docs indicted for fraud & over-prescribing patients to death

Two doctors face potential life sentences for charges they defrauded multiple health plans and over-prescribed narcotics which led to four patient deaths.

Report: Most docs’ misdeeds go unpunished by state med boards

More than half of doctors who were sanctioned by their own hospitals weren’t penalized in any way by their state medical boards.

Doc and cronies get jail time for Medicare fraud

Three men have been sentenced to 2-3 years in prison each for their part in a Medicare fraud scam.

Top 10 health care stories of ’10

Here are the top 10 most read and discussed stories on for 2010.

Fake doctor pleads guilty to theft, illegal drug charges

Kurt Walter Donsbach, of Bonita, California, pleaded guilty to 13 felony counts related to his non-licensed medical practice.

Feds bust largest Medicare fraud ring yet

The ring, focused on identity theft and Medicare fraud, is part of a larger group of general swindlers, according to information released by prosecutors.

Patient info stolen by Hopkins staffer, used for identity theft

Patient names, birth dates, social security numbers and other information was allegedly stolen by an employee and used to apply for ‘instant credit’ offers. Total damage done: $600k.

Fraud allegations against world’s busiest proctologist

Talk about a pain in the butt: Billing for 25-hour workdays was just one of the red flags that landed this doctor in legal hot water.

Hospital CFO faces 90 years in jail over missing grant money

A messy money-laundering operation has been uncovered in Florida, and a local hospital is at the heart of it.