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Keys to boosting flu vaccine rates for healthcare workers

Flu season is officially in full swing, which means many hospital employees will need their annual flu shots. Although the vaccine keeps patients safe by helping stop the spread of the virus, it can be tough to convince every staff member to get one. 

Mandatory flu shot policies: Good idea or legal minefield?

Flu season is just around the corner, and preventing outbreaks in the healthcare setting is of utmost importance to hospitals. Some have even gone as far as creating policies to make flu shots mandatory for all employees, even healthcare execs.

It’s back! Swine flu reappears as a new strain

The CDC has announced that a new swine flu virus has infected at least 12 people. Here are the details.

2011 flu vaccine: What you need to know

Flu vaccination season is in full swing. Here’s the information practitioners and patients alike will be looking for.

Proof: Flu vaccines cut kids’ ER visits

Reducing the number of  kids’ visits to the ER is as simple as getting them vaccinated against the flu.

Is a universal flu vaccine around the corner?

A breakthrough in preventive medicine may be just around the corner: Scientists at Oxford University believe they are on the way to creating a universal flu vaccine.

Case Study: Hospital attains 98% staff vaccination rate

Slow and steady wins the race: One hospital system nearly doubled its staff flu vaccination rate in just three years — and learned an important lesson in community education. Here’s how they did it.

CDC to change flu vaccine recommendations

Anticipated changes to the recommendations for who should get a flu vaccine will have many practices and hospitals juggling an increase in patient requests and questions.