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Oops, hospital forgot to pay fine, could owe even more now

You would think if your hospital was fined $1M, but was only asked to pay $750,000, you’d do it right away to save money, right? Well that was the intention of Parkland Memorial Hospital, in Dallas, but it didn’t quite work out that way. In fact, the hospital forgot to pay the fine.

Largest fine ever levied against a Texas hospital

Patient safety and quality-of-care issues have landed one Texas hospital with a record fine of $1 million.

Error-free hospitals: Are you kidding?

Public health officials in one state are investigating 87 hospitals which haven’t filed a single report of a medical error in the past three years.

Fines adding up for hospitals that don’t protect patient data

California has assessed five hospitals a combined $675k for allowing unauthorized access to confidential patient information.