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Key drug to prevent preemies to increase from $20/shot to $1,500

The FDA approved a commercial version of a progesterone shot used by women at risk for pre-term birth — but the approval actually makes the drug much harder to get for most patients.

Feds to take over 3 Tylenol plants

After a series of drug recalls and a criminal investigation, the FDA is taking over three manufacturing plants for the popular medication.

FDA orders 500 medications off the market pending further review

Roughly 500 prescription drugs have been ordered off the market by the FDA, which claims that the medications never had a proper federal review for safety and effectiveness.

How far can you trust your pharma-rep doc?

A new investigation shows that doctors drug companies hire as speakers and advisers aren’t always the best and the brightest in their fields. Some of them are outright criminals.

Are those common drugs still safe 20 years later?

Drugs approved for chronic conditions can have major side effects that aren’t discovered until years or decades after they’re approved. Is there a better way to protect patients?

Look-alike tubes kill patients regularly: Why is this still allowed?

Mistakes as simple — and avoidable — as confusing an IV with a feeding tube regularly injure and kill patients. And industry interests seem content to allow it to continue.

Unlicensed ‘doc’ accused of $1m stem cell scam

Alfred Sapse faces 20 charges of wire and mail fraud for allegedly scamming 134 patients.

New test for Alzheimer’s may be on the way

A new type of brain scan could give doctors their first chance to prove Alzheimer’s diagnoses while patients are alive.

FDA blasts quality control at McNeil plant

More than 20 different problems with manufacturing and quality control processes at a major pharmaceutical plant were outlined in a report just released by the FDA.

The other side of health reform: Increased wellness initiatives

Largely unnoticed in the run-up to the recent passage of the health reform law, President Obama also has his sights on improving programs focused on disease prevention and general wellness.