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Survey: Fatigue, burnout at high levels among healthcare pros

The results of a new survey of healthcare professionals indicate that it’s important for hospitals to address the issue of staff burnout and fatigue.

Joint Commission warns against fatigue’s role in adverse events

Longer shifts aren’t just a pain for doctors and nurses — they’re putting patients at risk. 

‘If I don’t get a break, someone could die’

A nurses’ group just filed lawsuits against four hospitals, claiming their practices of cutting nurses’ breaks short are endangering nurses and patients.

Doctor sued for misdiagnosing pediatric epilepsy patients

Everyone’s looking to make a little more scratch these days. Misdiagnosing and over-treating children isn’t the best way to do it.

Oops! Stressed out docs make more mistakes

Fatigue isn’t the only thing that can lead docs and other staffers to make serious medical mistakes. Now you have to worry about their emotional well-being too.