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Whistleblower case costs facility more than $900,000

Rather than incur the costs and publicity of a lengthy whistleblower lawsuit, Baylor University Medical Center agreed to pay the federal government $907,355 to settle allegations that it submitted false claims to Medicare for radiation oncology services.

Hospital chain pays $16.5 million

Be careful about the deals your facility makes with outside practices/groups. If they’re not squeaky clean, you could end up paying big like this hospital chain did.

Hospital chain nailed in billing scam involving the homeless

Treating the homeless for free sounds like an honorable thing to do. But what if a hospital was paying people to find the homeless, giving them unnecessary treatments and then billing the government for them? Sounds like major fraud. But no one would do that, right?

Inappropriate billing costs doc & hospital $1M to settle

Are ALL of your physicians billing properly for their services? If they aren’t, your hospital will be held responsible, too. That’s what happened at Temple.

Hospitals’ residency program investigated for false claims

The feds are investigating whether two Dallas hospitals committed fraud in billing for procedures performed by their residents.

Health reform bill to increase false claims investigations

Expect to see hospitals paying more settlements for false claims now that the health care reform law is on the books.

Can paper clips qualify as medical devices?

Clinicians have some room for creatively using approved medical tools to meet patients’ needs. But one dentist took that freedom too far.