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Healthcare construction management: Debunking myths 

In 2019, healthcare construction projects were globally worth about $400 billion, with $31.8 billion in U.S. projects alone. Healthcare construction encompasses a wide variety of projects, such as state-of-the-art hospitals, small research labs, mid-size specialty clinics, long-term care facilities and much more. No matter what your next healthcare construction project is, one thing’s for certain […] [MORE]

Telehealth and its role in facilities management

Over the past few years, telehealth has been gaining in popularity providing patients with access to the specialty care they need. In this guest post, Jason “JD” Duigou, CIO of a company that provides healthcare service support products, talks about the role facilities management plays in telehealth.

Big data & healthcare facilities management: What hospital c-suites need to know

Fixed assets, such as buildings, infrastructure and equipment, are often a hospital’s largest ones. The inventory, condition and reliability of these assets, however, remains elusive for many hospital executives. Capital investment planning is based on limited info, leading to an often inefficient allocation of scarce capital resources. Will these assets live up to their expected […] [MORE]