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Family members key in finding, avoiding errors in hospitals

Most clinicians do their best to make sure medical errors don’t happen to patients, especially children. But sometimes, despite this effort, mistakes happen, and it’s important to identify and correct them right away. Even the most diligent doctors and nurses may miss an error. When this happens, it’s important to turn to an expert source: […] [MORE]

EHR tool improved handoffs during shift changes

When shifts change for the day, detailed handoff conversations are essential to keeping patients safe and stable during the transition. They’re also helpful with avoiding errors and adverse events. Taking advantage of available health IT can make handoffs more streamlined, reducing the likelihood that important medical information will fall through the cracks. 

Top 5 health IT dangers that threaten patient safety

Although EHRs and other health IT have the potential to improve patient safety and care, when not used the right way, those systems can introduce new dangers. 

3 health IT hazards that threaten patient safety

Though EHRs and other health IT systems can improve care, they could have a negative impact on patient safety if they aren’t properly designed, implemented and used. 

Health IT will reduce dangerous medical errors, most patients say

Nearly a third of Americans have experienced medical errors at least once in their lifetimes. The good news: Most believe that health IT will help minimize those threats to patient safety. 

Study: Doctors make CPOE errors with 1 in 37 patients

Health IT can help healthcare providers avoid errors that may threaten patient safety – but they won’t eliminate mistakes completely, warns a new study. 

Patient photos in EHRs could reduce medical errors, study says

One recent study found that including patients’ photos in their electronic health records could reduce the risk of some errors that threaten patient safety. 

Experts: Doctors may be distracted by mobile devices

We’ve reported before on the potential for tablets and other mobile devices to improve care and efficiency in medical practices. But organizations also must take steps to make sure those tools don’t become distractions that lead to dangerous medical errors. 

Study: More patients pick up medicine when it’s e-prescribed

Despite challenges that still lie ahead, some recent studies have shown that electronic prescribing can reduce errors and increase the likelihood that patients take their medicine. 

EHR upgrades increase risk of prescription errors, study says

For all the benefits the newest electronic health record systems can offer, new research says upgrading systems can also lead to increases in some types of mistakes.