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Don’t let computers interfere with patient communication: 5 keys

As more hospitals start using EHRs and other health IT, many doctors may need to learn new communication skills. 

Should patients have access to their own EHRs?

As more hospitals adopt EHRs, doctors and other medical professionals have differing opinions over how much access patients should have to their electronic records. 

More doctors sue over bad online reviews

As more people turn to the web to help them make decisions about their healthcare, that means more potential patients will check out online reviews about doctors. And many physicians will do everything they can to protect their reputations on the web. 

Remote patient monitoring adoption grew 20% last year, report says

As hospitals begin to adopt more health IT in general, there’s one area aside from electronic health records that many providers are seeing value in: remote patient monitoring. 

Using social media effectively in health care: A 5-step plan

A lot has been written about the benefits of social media for patients. But how can healthcare providers benefit from social networking sites, and how can they tap into that potential? 

Report highlights 3 successful telehealth programs

Many hospitals are using telehealth programs to expand their reach and improve the quality of care. 

Social networking sites help patients follow doctors’ orders

There have been a lot of stories recently about how patients are turning to social media sites for information about their health and treatment options. Here’s another benefit of social networking for patients and providers: 

Doctor spends thousands fighting negative reviews in court – and loses

Even though doctors don’t give much thought to online reviews from patients, they may come across some comments that are so out of line they may choose to take action. However, their rights under the law may be limited, as this recent court case shows. 

Patients don’t like when doctors use clinical decision support tools, study says

One of the of the biggest benefits of EHRs and other health IT systems is that they give doctors access to new tools that help analyze data and guide doctors to make better decisions. However, a new study shows that many patients aren’t comfortable with doctors’ use of clinical decision support tools. 

35% of patients have used websites to diagnose medical conditions at home

Yesterday we reported on an area in which patients could be more effectively using technology to reap health benefits. But here’s an area where people may rely too much on tech tools: