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How your business can ensure HIPAA-compliant backups

  HIPAA compliance doesn’t stop at the data you’re actively using. It applies to everything in your organization – up to and including your backups. In this guest post, Tim Mullahy, executive VP and managing director of an enterprise class, tier 3 data center, explains how to ensure you aren’t caught off-guard by that fact […] [MORE]

Hacking health care: Inside scoop to the most vulnerable vertical

An IBM report claimed that the healthcare sector was the most frequently attacked sector, as more than 100 million health records were compromised and the report referred to 2015 as “the year of the healthcare breach.” In this guest post, Neil Hartley, head of North American operations for an enterprise legacy-to-cloud software company, details why […] [MORE]

New EHR risk gives wider cybersecurity lessons

Microsoft researchers are shining a light on a significant vulnerability in electronic health records (EHRs) — and on why technical safeguards are only one side of the cybersecurity equation. 

Security breaches: How protected is your organization?

HIPAA violations can cost healthcare organizations between $50,000 and $2.3 million. But those fines aren’t only because of health information breaches. 

Are hospitals really stuck in the ‘digital dark ages’?

Are U.S. physicians and hospitals in the “digital dark ages” when it comes to using mobile devices and Internet services to deliver patient care?

The basic practice that could have prevented 2 big HIPAA breaches

More than 730,000 patients recently had their personal information compromised by criminals in two separate incidents targeting hospitals. They both could have been avoided if those organizations had followed a single basic procedure: 

Hospital suffers two data breaches due to stolen computing devices

While there’s some debate over the best ways to secure sensitive data, IT security experts can at least agree on one key element of a healthcare data security plan: 

10 best practices to secure healthcare data

Data breaches in health care come in a variety of forms. They can include cases in which criminal hackers steal protected health information to commit medical identity theft, or instances when an employee views the records of one patient without authorization. 

2 more data breaches caused by laptop thefts

A Boston hospital recently reported a data breach that occurred after a doctor’s personal laptop containing patient information was stolen during a robbery. Now, two other healthcare organizations have had patient information stolen due to laptop thefts. 

4,000 patients’ protected health information stolen from doctor’s personal laptop

Here’s yet another reminder that healthcare organizations must take care to secure patients’ protected health information (PHI) when it’s held on laptops and other mobile devices.