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Avoid repeat emergency department visits for patients with this strategy

To curb healthcare spending, the feds want to crack down on emergency department “repeat offenders,” or those who make multiple visits to the ED in a short time period. And they’re enlisting help from hospitals themselves.

Busy hospital emergency departments may have better patient outcomes

With all the recent talk about long wait times for patients who visit the emergency department (ED), you’re probably scrambling to figure out how to shorten wait times in your hospital’s busy ED.

Coordinated care keeps frequent fliers from landing in ER

Emergency departments (ED) have become the family doctor of the chronically ill. 

Improving patient satisfaction: Success stories from 2 hospitals

As patient satisfaction scores continue to play a role in hospital reimbursement, hospitals need to take every step they can to improve the patient experience as a whole. 

One hospital’s approach to saving costs when treating mentally ill patients

Hospitals across the country are taking steps to control one costly aspect of care: treating mentally ill patients in the emergency department.

Discussing palliative care in the ED may improve patient outcomes

Normally, staffers in the emergency department are more focused on getting patients triaged and treated than providing them with patient-centered care. But a new study shows that shifting their focus to palliative care could lead to shorter hospital stays and reduced costs. 

How to curb Medicaid ‘super-utilizers’ in hospitals

The feds are placing their focus on cutting healthcare costs, and one specific segment they’re targeting is Medicaid “super-utilizers” who get most of their health needs met in the hospital emergency room setting.

Hospital emergency departments: Do they cost or save you money?

  Do these two statements seem to contradict each other? Emergency departments (EDs) account for half of all hospital admissions. EDs may play a role in slowing the growth of healthcare costs.

Emergency room diagnosis tied to payments: Why the model is flawed

Many insurance companies are cutting payments to hospitals for treating patients in the emergency department (ED) for what are considered “non-emergency” diagnoses. But a new study indicates this approach may be a bit flawed.

Are mental health patients costing your ED big bucks?

There is one group of patients who visit your emergency department (ED) that can cause your costs to soar. Problem is, this group really doesn’t have a lot of choices available to them for treatment. Who are they?