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The hidden cost of checking email at hospitals

The amount of email your doctors get in their inboxes could be costing your hospital millions.

3 downsides of electronic patient communication

As we’ve reported before, most patients want to use online portals to connect with their healthcare providers. However, a recent report shows why organizations might think twice about adopting some of those tools. 

Lessons learned from 3 recent HIPAA breaches

Many organizations don’t realize they’re making dangerous IT security mistakes until i’s too late. However, here are three recent data breaches that hospitals should learn from: 

Wrong number leads to breach of patient data

Protecting patients’ confidential data doesn’t just mean preventing complex cyber attacks or catching information thieves working inside the hospital — there are plenty of simple staffer mistakes that can also lead to data breaches. 

Texting patients can improve care – but is it secure?

Electronic communication with patients can help healthcare providers improve satisfaction and promote wellness. But are doctors using the best communication methods? 

Survey: Patients want text messages, mobile apps from their doctors

Despite help from new technology, doctors are missing out on opportunities to help keep their patients healthier and more satisfied, according to one recent survey. 

What really happens when patients and docs email each other?

More doctors are using email to communicate with patients — and now we have an idea what the typical exchange looks like.