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Why patient-centered health IT is crucial for hospitals

Hospitals and healthcare systems need to take greater strides toward making health IT more patient-centered, according to a government agency.

Hospital uses EMR to cut sepsis infections by almost half

Hospitals mostly use electronic medical records (EMR) systems to keep track of patient’s symptoms and treatments. But one hospital has started to use its EMR as a tool to fight sepsis.

2 IT areas most healthcare organizations need to improve

Health IT departments are busy implementing EHRs and other systems. But for that to be successful, they’ll have to tackle two other major challenges, as well. 

Docs believe EMRs are safer than paper – patients not so sure

A new survey shows a majority of doctors believe electronic health records (EHRs) are better for protecting sensitive patient information than paper charts – but they may need to convince their patients that EHRs are secure.

Study: Doctors’ EHRs failing to meet meaningful use standards

One motivator behind healthcare organizations’ increasing EHR adoption is the possibility of receiving incentive payments from the federal government. However, a recent study of physicians in one state found that many are using EHR systems but falling short of federal standards. 

Doctors’ 3 biggest complaints about EHRs

Some healthcare organizations trying to implement electronic medical records run into trouble getting doctors on board with using the new system. Here are some of doctors’ top complaints – and how organizations can help overcome them. 

Survey: Docs’ tablet use doubled since last year

We’ve reported before on how common it’s becoming for doctors to use iPads and other tablet computers to access electronic medical records and complete other tasks. Now, a new survey says tablet use in healthcare is growing even faster than anticipated. 

Study: EHRs didn’t improve diabetes care

While the debate continues about the actual effects of electronic medical records and other health IT on the quality of care, here’s one study that found no improvement when doctors started using EHRs. 

Report ranks top cloud-based EHR vendors

Due to cost benefits and increasing confidence in cloud computing, more and more healthcare providers are turning to Software as a Service (SaaS) EHR systems. 

3 keys for EHR training for new staff members

We’ve written before about how important training doctors and staff members is when implementing a new EHR system. But an organization’s training obligations don’t stop once the system is installed.