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Panning for gold: Insights in the healthcare data ocean

The healthcare industry has mass quantities of data. The challenge is turning it into something useful. In this guest post, Brian Robertson, CEO of a company that integrates and simplifies complex big data from multiple sources, will explain how artificial intelligence (AI) can help hospitals do that.

Study: Marginalized groups at greater risk for readmission, ED visits

Once patients leave your hospital, you know all too well that it doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t return to your facility. When patients are discharged and moved to home health care, for example, there’s always a chance they’ll be readmitted or visit the emergency department (ED). 

CMS says 2 EHR final rules will make your life easier

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone or something made your providers’ jobs easier and less complicated, especially when it comes to electronic health records (EHRs)? 

Questions you need to ask vendors about cloud technology

More hospitals are using cloud technology to improve their operations. But before you have your facility start uploading data to the cloud, make sure you ask these questions first. 

Top 5 patient safety concerns all hospitals should review

Patient safety should be a No. 1 concern at all hospitals. But when it comes to the topic, there are so many aspects to address. What should your facility look at first? 

Cloud storage systems: Separating fact from fiction

There are many benefits to cloud storage systems, but there are risks, too. That’s why it’s critical for hospital executives and administrators to know both the advantages and disadvantages of cloud storage.

Keys to working through an EHR learning curve

Wait times for patients are long enough in the ER. You don’t want to do anything to keep them any longer than necessary. But that’s what happened at one hospital because of its new electronic health records (EHR) system.

CMS clarifies EHR Incentive Program registration

Does your hospital or its Medicare-eligible professionals have questions about registration for the Electronic Health Records (EHR) Incentive Program?

EHRs lead to better care and results for diabetes patients

Patients with diabetes achieve better outcomes when they’re treated at practices that use electronic health records, compared to practices that rely on paper records, recent research says.

EHRs installed at 75% of large offices

Electronic health records are catching on – with EHRs now being used at big majority of large practices.