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Watch out for these common EHR contract pitfalls

Finding a satisfactory EHR system is difficult, as evidenced by the fact that so many hospitals are shopping for new software to replace what they currently have. Aside from the software itself, one key for hospitals to focus on: understanding their contracts with vendors and getting a favorable agreement. 

Today’s top 4 EHR challenges – and what to do about them

EHR adoption isn’t slowing down, but that doesn’t mean hospitals are having an easy time implementing new systems. Here’s some help overcoming the top EHR challenges providers are facing now. 

8 rules your EHR vendor should follow

Several recent reports show that a lot of healthcare organizations are getting fed up with their EHR systems and vendors. One industry group has laid out some ground rules that may help turn things around. 

Get ready for the biggest cloud computing risks: 3 keys

Many health care organizations are turning to cloud computing for EHR systems or other health IT. But are providers prepared to deal with the risks? 

EHR vendor announces free software for charity-driven care

A major EHR vendor has announced plans to give away $1 million worth of software to doctors who provide unreimbursed care to low-income patients. 

ICD-10 readiness: 6 questions to ask EHR vendors

With the deadline now less than two years away, health care providers need to start preparing for the transition to ICD-10 codes. One part of that preparation: Making sure EHR vendors are ready. 

7 steps for choosing the right EHR

Electronic health records are a good investment for healthcare providers, but rushing into implementing an EHR system can lead to some negative consequences. 

Half of providers looking to replace their EHR

A lot of healthcare providers are shopping for an EHR system right now. And many of them are looking to replace the unsatisfactory system they’re currently using. 

Kansas hospital spent $1.2 million on failed EHR installation

Installing an EHR system is a big undertaking – and if it’s not done properly, it can result in a lot of wasted time and money, as one hospital recently learned. 

New database lists all EHR systems used to meet meaningful use requirements

Looking for an electronic health record system that will help your organization meet meaningful use requirements for receiving federal incentive payments? A new database of software reveals which systems are being used by doctors and hospitals enrolled in the incentive programs.