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Hospitals move forward with failing IT projects, report says

IT teams are no strangers to complex and difficult projects, and that’s especially the case in healthcare organizations, which are adopting EHR software and other significant systems. Unfortunately, those projects often run into problems. 

Love or hate EHRs? For doctors, the answer is both

Most healthcare providers are using electronic records or will do so in the near future. Do doctors like working with EHR systems? The answer is complicated, according to a recent report.

Report: Medication errors caused by EHR systems’ default values

Like any tool used in health care, electronic health record (EHR) systems must be used properly or they can create new risks for patient safety. A recent study highlights one potentially dangerous mistake. 

3 keys for your hospital’s EHR backup plan

There’s one critical patient safety measure all hospitals using electronic health records should be taking: 

Study: 17% of providers drop out of EHR incentive program

As debate rages on about the effectiveness of the federal government’s Meaningful Use program, recent surveys have some bad news about the EHR initiative: 

Report: Doctors switch to paper records when EHRs don’t get the job done

As we’ve written before, doctors, nurses and others are often dissatisfied with the EHR system their organization uses. And apparently, sometimes things are so bad that clinicians will turn to paper charts to get the job done even when electronic records are available. 

3 steps to avoid cloud computing risks in health care

Cloud computing is all the rage in IT these days, and many organizations are turning to cloud-based services for their IT needs. That includes healthcare providers, though they’re adopting cloud computing at a slower rate than in other industries. 

14 key factors for EHR system usability

When evaluating EHR systems, one of the most important factors to pay attention to is usability. No matter how well a system satisfies the requirements for incentive programs, shares information with other systems, or protects sensitive patient data, the organization won’t see much benefit if EHRs aren’t easy to use.

Healthcare IT trends to expect in 2013

With changes to compliance rules and federal incentive programs, new mobile developments, and other significant changes, here are three healthcare IT trends for the new year. 

The top 10 health IT stories of 2012

The top health IT news of 2012 revolved around EHRs, ICD-10 codes and data security. These were the most popular stories on Healthcare Tech Review over the past year: