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Keys to identifying alcohol withdrawal in patients

Your hospital’s clinical staff should be on the lookout for any hidden issues or conditions that can affect a patient’s recovery. One condition that can be hard to detect is alcohol withdrawal, in part because its symptoms mimic those of other illnesses. And if alcohol withdrawal is ignored or untreated, it can be severely harmful to patients. 

IT trend all hospitals should track in 2015

Health IT has already seen a huge expansion in recent years, largely due to government incentives, payor demands and patient needs. And 2015 will be no different. 

10 healthcare technology hazards for 2015

As 2014 draws to an end, it’s time for hospitals to start thinking about the biggest healthcare technology issues that will affect their facilities next year.

10 healthcare technology trends hospital execs should watch

There are several emerging medical technology trends that hospital execs should be keeping their eye on this year and beyond.