Healthcare News & Insights

Tech jobs driving improved health care employment numbers

Hiring in health care is picking up, particularly when it comes to tech-related jobs.

Recession may have triggered child abuse increases

Head trauma in infants has doubled in the past few years, and some experts think the sluggish economy is the cause.

Layoffs: 2010 could be worst year yet for hospitals

Health care in general may have fared better than many industries in the recent downturn, but recent data shows it was far from immune.

Hospital uses robots to reduce staffing costs

They may not have the greatest bedside manner, but a crew of 19 robots is saving one hospital a lot of money.

Looking for a new job? Hiring outlook is better

Seems there’s reason to hope hiring will pick up at hospitals and medical practices this year.

Hospital execs saw smaller raises this year

Health care may have been spared the worst of the recession, but there have been effects on workers and execs.

Report: Health care spending rate increases faster than rest of economy — again

It’s no surprise to hear that health care is an increasingly large part of the U.S. economy. But the most recent estimates from CMS drive home just how much health care is outpacing other industries.

Health spending up, but starting to slow

U.S. health care spending grew by 4.4% in 2008 — almost twice as fast as overall economic growth — but that’s actually a decelerated pace compared to prior years. 

Are you ready for the next hiring challenge?

Despite the scary headlines about the rising number of Americans who are out of work, health care execs may have some difficulty filling certain positions in the next few years.

Health care M&A at all time high

Here’s yet another indicator that, as an industry, health care is holding up better than most in this economic environment.