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Why e-prescribing may increase patients’ fall risk

E-prescribing through an electronic health records (EHR) system can be beneficial in hospitals for many reasons. But it can also cause problems in some cases – particularly regarding preprogrammed doses of medications for vulnerable patients who may be at risk of falls. 

Health system saves millions on drugs with EHR

Prescription drugs can be expensive for hospitals, especially if they’re unusual ones. One health system used the technology in its new electronic health records (EHR) system to streamline its process for administering medication to patients, saving millions of dollars in the process. 

Benefits of e-prescribing for hospitals

Many hospitals have switched to using e-prescribing for patient medications. If your hospital hasn’t gotten on board, this may be the time to change your prescribing practices. 

Studies highlight 2 sources of dangerous health IT mistakes

Recent studies reveal two of the most common reasons clinicians and others might make serious errors when using new technology: 

Survey: Half of doctors now use e-prescribing

E-prescribing is starting to catch on among physicians, according to a recent survey, as doctors begin recognizing the benefits of electronic prescriptions and respond to federal pressure to adopt the technology. 

More doctors escape Medicare electronic prescribing penalty

A big chunk of physicians will be allowed to apply for an exemption to a looming Medicare penalty levied against providers not using electronic prescriptions. 

Health IT can save billions with medication improvements, study says

The healthcare system loses billions of dollars a year due to prescription errors and poor medication adherence. But health IT can help, says a new report. 

Small practices jumping on board with e-prescribing

While some reports suggest e-prescribing is slow to catch on among healthcare organizations, that doesn’t mean it’s going completely unused. And small physician practices are leading the charge on eRx adoption, according to a recent report. 

AMA: Don’t forget about June 30 e-prescribing deadline

Physicians have until June 30 to report use of e-prescribing systems or apply for a hardship exemption if they want to avoid a Medicare penalty, the American Medical Association (AMA) recently warned providers. 

E-prescribing slow to catch on, despite benefits

Despite the benefits, most doctors and hospitals have yet to make the switch to electronic prescriptions, according to a recent survey.