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Physician burnout: Latest impact on hospitals

Physician burnout is still a significant problem for hospitals, and it’s not getting much better. In fact, it may be getting worse. A new Medscape survey shows exactly which physicians in your facility are feeling the effects of burnout the hardest. 

Female doctors may have an edge with patient care

A surprising factor may play a role in patient outcomes, affecting readmissions, recovery and other aspects of a patient’s hospital stay: the physician’s gender. According to the results of a new study from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Internal Medicine, elderly patients may fare differently depending on whether their doctors are men […] [MORE]

Animal therapy can help doctors & nurses, too

Animal therapy has proved beneficial for the recovery of hospital patients. But its benefits don’t end there. Using furry friends for therapy can help doctors and nurses relieve stress and fight burnout. 

Hospitals offer their own doctor reviews online

Nowadays, review sites for hospitals and healthcare providers are everywhere. To make themselves stand out from the pack, and to promote transparency, some hospitals have created their own review process, allowing patients to rate their doctors through the facility’s website. 

What hospitals must consider when hiring doctors

Hospitals are directly employing more physicians than ever before. And while this may be helpful for patient outcomes in many ways, hospital executives need to keep several details in mind when making these arrangements with doctors. 

4 steps to a better relationship between doctors and hospital execs

Due to the shift toward value-based reimbursement, it’s important that healthcare execs and doctors work together to achieve the best outcomes so hospitals can continue to survive and thrive. But in many cases, hospital administrators might not be on the same page as clinical staff.

Love or hate EHRs? For doctors, the answer is both

Most healthcare providers are using electronic records or will do so in the near future. Do doctors like working with EHR systems? The answer is complicated, according to a recent report.

More than 80% of family doctors will use EHRs by the end of the year, study says

Despite some trepidation about the positive impact of EHRs and other health IT as it’s currently being implemented, adoption of EHRs is only picking up speed, a new study says. 

Survey: Health IT improving doctors’ confidence

Doctors at small and mid-size practices are more confident in their financial future than they were a year ago, in part because health IT has helped increase efficiency, according to a new survey.