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How hospitals can provide better treatment to transgender patients

Hospitals have a duty to provide top-quality care to patients from all backgrounds. Clinical staff need to be sensitive to various differences that may affect patients’ needs. In particular, hospitals must make sure they’re providing the proper care and support for transgender patients. 

CMS updates rules for Medicare, Medicaid participation: 3 highlights

There are several new changes coming from the feds that’ll affect your facility. A proposed rule from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will update several requirements that hospitals must follow to participate in Medicare and Medicaid. 

Doc wins $7.6M in discrimination case

A pathologist was awarded $7.6 million from a federal jury in her suit alleging racial and gender discrimination by her employer.

Aid program won’t pay for man’s breast cancer treatment

Being a 26-year-old with breast cancer is unlucky enough. When patient aid programs refuse to help because you’re a man it seems doubly unfair.

Kidney transplant criteria may be slanted in favor of younger patients

The organization that oversees donated organ allocation is considering the largest overhaul of the system in a quarter of a century.

Woman claims religious discrimination resulted in refusal of treatment

A New Jersey woman claims a hospital denied her treatment because it couldn’t — or wouldn’t — accommodate her religious beliefs as part of her treatment.

Doc to Obama voters: Get lost

Physicians and other clinicians have a right to political opinions on the health reform bill just like everyone else.  But is it appropriate to bring them into the exam room?

Hospital rejects new hires who smoke

If you smoke, it could cost you your next job.