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Mitigate risks of cyber attacks with disaster recovery and continuity plan

Cyber attacks in the healthcare industry are on the rise, and protecting your hospital and its patients’ protected health information is vital to its survival. In this guest post, Parker Rains, VP of a middle market business insurance firm, offers best practices for a disaster recovery and continuity plan hospitals can use to prevent cyber […] [MORE]

Get ready for the biggest cloud computing risks: 3 keys

Many health care organizations are turning to cloud computing for EHR systems or other health IT. But are providers prepared to deal with the risks? 

5 steps to prep health IT systems for disaster recovery

The effects of Hurricane Sandy may have organizations taking another look at their disaster recovery plans. What can healthcare providers do to make sure they’re prepared for the next disaster? 

Vendors’ outage leaves dozens of hospitals without access to EHRs

In addition to security concerns, when healthcare organizations turn to cloud computing services for electronic health records and other critical IT components, they may also be at risk for other problems, such as downtime. That’s what several hospitals around the country recently learned after losing access to their EHRs. 

Security, reliability keeping healthcare organizations away from cloud storage

Healthcare organizations are storing a lot of data these days – but they’re not doing enough to back up that critical information, according to a recent survey. 

Survey: Disaster recovery a top health IT priority for hospitals

As electronic health records and other IT trends increase the amount of data healthcare organizations must hold, an effective disaster recovery plan is becoming more critical.