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Hospitals’ new role: Testing patients for diabetes

Diabetes is a common chronic condition that affects the health of many patients. And helping patients manage this illness can be critical to patient outcomes. In fact, facilities may have a unique opportunity to help patients who don’t even know they have the illness. 

Texts from providers help chronically ill patients

As healthcare providers are looking into new ways to engage patients and interact with them, a study shows the benefits text messaging can have for patients and their doctors. 

Could surgery cure diabetes?

Curing diabetes is a long-held — and thus far, impossible to achieve — goal of the medical community. New research indicates that, as unlikely as it sounds, surgery just might be the answer. 

Statins to get new warning labels about diabetes risk

Several popular cholesterol-lowering drugs are about to get updated warning labels that may scare off some patients.

Paula Deen announces she has diabetes, will continue to cook with pounds of butter

Popular TV chef/restauranteur Paula Deen is under fire following her announcement that she has diabetes — and has signed a deal to promote a diabetes drug.

Online tools for diabetes management not up to par, according to study

If doctors in your organization are using online tools to help treat diabetes patients, they may want to see the results of this study. 

Rotating shifts may increase risk of Type 2 diabetes, study says

New research shows working rotating shifts could have serious consequences for nurses’ health. 

Congress calls for probe after insulin pump gets hacked

Here’s an IT security threat you probably never imagined you’d have to plan for: Hacked insulin pumps.

The scary truth about two common drugs

A potentially dangerous side effect of two commonly prescribed drugs was just uncovered — and the way it was found is just as interesting as the actual side effect.

You won’t believe what they can transplant now

In an effort to battle C. difficile infections, some doctors are transplanting poop into patients.