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Wrong number leads to breach of patient data

Protecting patients’ confidential data doesn’t just mean preventing complex cyber attacks or catching information thieves working inside the hospital — there are plenty of simple staffer mistakes that can also lead to data breaches. 

Hospital ignored several warnings about a security breach

One of the trickiest aspects of protecting patient data and other sensitive information is recognizing when a breach has occurred so the damage can be mitigated. And it’s especially difficult when organizations ignore clear warnings about vulnerabilities. 

First HIPAA fine for breach of less than 500 records announced

An Idaho hospice has agreed to pay $50,000 to settle alleged HIPAA violations in the first HIPAA fine for a breach involving fewer than 500 patient records. 

Hospital employee sold 40 patients’ protected health information

Health information is valuable for cybercriminals, who can use it to commit identity theft, insurance fraud or other crimes. And often the source for that data is a healthcare provider’s employees. 

2 hospital employees stole, sold protected health information

Healthcare organizations face many security threats from outside hackers looking to steal valuable protected health information. But there may be insider threats to worry about, too. 

Hackers hold EHR data for ransom

While healthcare organizations are no stranger to IT security attacks, this recent breach of EHR data contained a unique twist. 

6 more hospitals suffer data breaches

The list of hospitals who have experienced a data breach just keeps getting longer — six more facilities have been added.

OCR: 21 million patients have had protected health information breached

Federal law requires organizations to report breaches of protected health information affecting at least 500 patients. In addition to HIPAA penalties, providers also face a public shaming after those incidents. 

Strategies for protecting your hospital when a data breach occurs

If your hospital hasn’t experienced a data breach, consider yourself lucky and get ready. Odds are it’s going to happen at some point in time.

Don’t be next: Lessons from 5 recent health data breaches

Five hospitals recently suffered breaches of patients’ protected health information. Here are some lessons your organization can learn to avoid being next.