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Strategic plan is critical to prepare for data breaches in health care

Hospitals are a favorite target of hackers, as is apparent with the number of facilities experiencing data breaches. In this guest post, Kristen Broyles, a social media marketer, offers five steps hospitals need to think about in terms of data breaches.

3 easy cures for unhealthy medical knowledge management

Many of today’s healthcare organizations still show symptoms of underdeveloped knowledge management processes. In this guest post, Mike Hicks, VP of strategy at a developer of online communities and social software for business, offers symptoms that suggest your information management process might be lacking and ways to fix them.

Three critical IT risks to avoid in mergers

Successful healthcare mergers depend on the successful fusion of IT systems. In this guest post, William Tanenbaum, leader of the healthcare IT practice at a law firm, focuses on three critical risks in merging IT systems: cyber security, exceeding the scope of software licenses and transition service agreements. 

2 government data breaches show cybersecurity must-haves

Now that data breaches are becoming so common among providers, hospital leaders have to learn from the mistakes of others if they want to protect their own systems. 

Your next breach risk could be your email

The feds have released guidance to providers on how to protect patient data — but a recent breach shows why training staff may be the most crucial step. 

What the Premera breach can teach hospitals

Another major industry payor announced a massive data breach affecting millions of people — and there are important lessons hospitals can take away from the incident. 

Lessons hospitals must learn from Anthem data breach

One of the biggest healthcare data breaches of all time can teach your hospital a thing or two about IT security.

Your biggest breach risk may be inside your hospital

You know you have to be vigilant about potential external cyberattacks. But are you giving as much attention to internal breach risks? 

4 data breach trends to watch for in 2015

In 2014, providers saw more frequent data breaches, an increase in the rate of cyberattacks and more cybersecurity scrutiny. So what’s in store for 2015? 

Proof HIPAA compliance must be an ongoing effort

Hospitals take note: There are some important lessons about compliance to take away from this provider’s recent HIPAA violations settlement.