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Why medical device security should be top priority

While it’s not common just yet, hacking medical devices is poised to be one of the most significant security threats your hospital will face in the near future. And facilities that don’t start protecting themselves now could experience big problems. 

How to improve access management to reduce breach risks

Do you know how many workers have privileged access to your networks? Your cyber security could depend on the answer. 

FBI gives 5 ways to protect IoT devices from hackers

Before using Internet-connected devices on a regular basis, hospital leaders need to ask themselves if the benefits are worth the risk to patients’ data. 

How some hospitals are automating cybersecurity

In the ongoing fight to guard patients’ protected health information (PHI) and prevent data breaches, new research shows most providers are still struggling — but some have found effective methods to help. 

2 government data breaches show cybersecurity must-haves

Now that data breaches are becoming so common among providers, hospital leaders have to learn from the mistakes of others if they want to protect their own systems. 

New guidance sheds light on EHR security, vendor selection

These days, hospital leaders need to be worried about more than just their facilities’ cybersecurity. They also need to think about how securely their business associates (BAs) – particularly electronic health records (EHR) vendors – are storing patients’ personal data. 

MacBooks and infusion pumps may be at risk for hacking

New cybersecurity threats continue to emerge in the healthcare industry — and now providers have to be careful about new cybersecurity risks in two commonly used devices. 

Avoid breaches: Layered security & privilege access controls

Preventing cyberattacks is incredibly difficult, but industry experts point to two important ways providers need to shift their security to have a better chance of protecting patient data. 

Should hospitals stop focusing on IT innovation?

Is it time for hospitals to invest more in health IT safety and security than they do on new IT tools and innovation? One leader says yes. 

What hospitals can learn from HHS’ cybersecurity vulnerabilities

The Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office of Inspector General  (OIG) is passing on a data security lesson from a recent audit it conducted on the rest of the department.