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Opportunities and pitfalls for connected medical devices

Connected health care is poised to solve the challenges the healthcare industry is facing. In this guest post, Abbas Dhilawala, CTO of a provider of a turnkey, connectivity and data analysis, compliant software platform, highlights the major barriers to adoption concerning cost, cybersecurity and data privacy that still exist, and how to manage these risks.

Healthcare employees at frontline in battle against ransomware

Healthcare providers, particularly senior executives, officers and directors, have a legal obligation to adopt procedures and policies to proactively address security threats, like ransomware, and protect patient data at all costs. Failure to do so may give rise to legal and regulatory liability, loss of stock value, loss of revenue and damage to business reputation. […] [MORE]

Controlled access: Key to guard devices from malware

The more health IT devices hospitals implement, the more access points hackers have to infiltrate their systems. However, many hospitals need help to protect these devices from intruders. 

3 strategies for meeting new cyberthreats

There’s a new cybersecurity threat that hospital leaders need to worry about, and the potential consequences could be huge. 

How hospitals can fight back against new hacker attacks

Protecting your hospital from hackers who are only looking to steal patients’ data is one thing. But there’s another cyber threat lurking that your hospital may not have even considered: distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

Newest cyber security threat — your current medical equipment

Cyber threats to your hospital may not just be from computers. New research shows that most of your medical devices could be vulnerable to hackers. 

Hospitals not safe from Heartbleed virus, other cyber threats

Securing health information technology is a top priority in the healthcare industry — but are we still leagues away from being fully protected from cyberthreats?