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Make your ICU more family centered

Critically ill patients in hospitals need a great deal of support. Besides round-the-clock care from trained professionals, patients in the intensive care unit must also have support from their family members. The environment in the ICU isn’t always conducive to family involvement. New guidance hopes to change that. 

Successful strategy for reducing pressure ulcers

Pressure ulcers in patients are a prevalent and costly problem for hospitals. And because they’re seen as “never events” in some cases, Medicare won’t always reimburse facilities for treating them. To cut back on pressure ulcers, one hospital decided to implement a comprehensive prevention program – and other facilities can learn from its success. 

Vitamin D may speed up recovery for hospital patients

Vitamin D has all sorts of health benefits for people, including boosting bone health. Now, new research shows how the “sunshine vitamin” can also cut the length of a hospital stay for patients with certain conditions. 

What role should hospitals play in curbing ‘futile’ treatments for critically ill patients?

When it comes to caring for critically ill patients, questions often arise, including one that’s inevitable: If the patient’s prognosis is poor, should hospitals recommend treatment be stopped?

Telehealth and ‘instant’ info: Does it do more harm than good?

Should you be tweeting wait times for your emergency department? What about letting patients self-diagnose from the comfort of their couch?