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Joint Commission: Providers shouldn’t use texts to submit patient orders

Secure text messaging is becoming more common in hospitals, but not all information concerning patients’ health should be transmitted using this method of communication. The Joint Commission just issued guidelines about secure text messaging and providers’ orders, and you need to make sure your facility is in compliance. 

Study: Electronic checklist can reduce medication errors

Aside from reducing costs, one of the top benefits of health IT is that it can help providers improve patient safety. One recent study shows the success of a hospital’s efforts to reduce dangerous medication errors. 

Study: Meaningful use of EHRs improves quality of care

Meeting the requirements for meaningful use of electronic health records (EHRs) is necessary to receive federal incentive payments. But, more importantly, it also helps providers improve their care, according to a recent study. 

Study: Doctors make CPOE errors with 1 in 37 patients

Health IT can help healthcare providers avoid errors that may threaten patient safety – but they won’t eliminate mistakes completely, warns a new study.