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3 strategies to save money on hospital drug costs

The cost of prescription drugs is one of the most difficult expenses to manage for many hospitals, and prices are steadily rising – even for generics. To get medication spending under control, facilities must consider unique strategies and solutions. 

New report paves way for more cost scrutiny

Get ready for closer scrutiny of your facility’s inpatient and outpatient hospital costs – and surprisingly, it’s not coming from Medicare this time around. 

Choose the right EHR system the first time: 5 pitfalls to avoid

Adopting an EHR system is a big investment for hospitals. But it’s even more costly if the organization chooses the wrong system. 

Hospital shares 10 steps to patient-centered care

Last year, Mountain States Healthcare Alliance (MSHA) received the 2012 National Quality Healthcare Award from the National Quality Forum (NAF). The award is given to an “exemplary healthcare organization” that has achieved a number of quality focused goals and achievements. MSHA’s major achievement was providing patient-centered care and achieving better outcomes at lower costs.

3 mistakes organizations make when choosing EHR systems

A recent survey says many healthcare providers are looking for a replacement EHR system. These are the mistakes they made the first time around. 

IT investments not paying off quickly for health care, report says

A lot of private and public money is being put into in EHRs and other health IT systems. But a new report says those investments aren’t saving health care as much as was expected. 

Report: Health IT could help save $2 trillion in 10 years

While some groups have doubted the positive impact of EHRs and other health IT on medical costs, a new report says policy and behavior changes, with the help of technology, could save the healthcare system $2 trillion by 2023. 

Report: Going green could save hospitals billions

For healthcare organizations looking to control costs, becoming more environmentally friendly should help – and that includes implementing more green IT initiatives. 

ONC want rural hospitals to adopt EHRs, achieve meaningful use

Federal officials recently announced plans to help rural and critical-access hospitals adopt EHRs and other health IT. 

EHRs won’t cut costs or improve care, med school professors say

Two medical school professors recently issued a warning about high expectations for health IT, claiming studies have shown technology won’t cut healthcare costs or improve care.