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Case study: Reducing readmission rates via interactive patient screenings

Every hospital is looking for ways to reduce its readmission rates. But it’s not an easy feat, and many variables affect it. In this guest post, Holly Gould, clinical outcomes coordinator for a hospital in Michigan, shares how her facility is accomplishing this task one step at a time.

Adverse events declining for patients, but there’s still a way to go

A recent study offers hospitals some good news about patient safety: Rates of adverse events for patients with certain conditions are on the decline.

New readmissions study stirs up controversy in the hospital

Which group do you think is better at treating patients with congestive heart failure (CHF) and preventing readmissions — cardiologists or hospitalists?

Re-admissions and race

African-American patients and those using Medicaid have a much greater chance of being re-admitted to a hospital within a month of their discharge. 

Do lower costs = lower quality of care?

It’s a question of utmost importance as the country debates what the health care system should look like: Do hospitals that spend less do so at the risk of providing poorer care?

Do your worst-case-scenario plans go far enough?

Could your hospital keep running in the most dire of circumstances, such as 10 feet of floodwater in your city? Several lawsuits are claiming it should.