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Managing healthcare receivables amid COVID-19 challenges

Drive down the street in any city or town, and you’ll see signs honoring healthcare heroes for their brave work fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. What you won’t see is the battle being waged behind the scenes at many hospitals against financial insolvency.

Establishing and maintaining compliance with vendors to provide the best care

Working with vendors can be challenging. In this guest post, Larry Lacombe, VP of program development, support and FM compliance at a company specializing in facilities management, safety, environment of care, emergency management and compliance, tells you how to provide quality care while remaining compliant.

Healthcare organizations need to do better with third-party risk management

Nowadays, hospital executives and administrators are always worried about data breaches. In this guest post, Dennis Keglovits, VP of a company that provides governance, risk management, and compliance and information security software, explains the risks of outsourcing and the importance of having an ongoing risk mitigation process in place.

Four regulatory changes impacting your compliance

Astute healthcare providers know compliance efforts can easily deteriorate unless they pursue survey readiness 24/7. Those days when you could wait to tackle compliance issues 12 to 18 months before a survey are long gone. In this guest post, Larry LaCombe, VP of program management and facilities compliance at a company that specializing in facilities […] [MORE]

2017 OIG Work Plan: What’s critical for hospitals

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) has released its annual Work Plan. The updated Work Plan has several new areas of focus that hospitals must know for the new year to avoid federal scrutiny and stay in compliance. 

Mid-year OIG Work Plan update: Critical areas for hospitals

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) recently released the mid-year update to its annual Work Plan. And there are several areas the feds are reviewing right now that hospitals need to know about so they can avoid drawing negative attention for compliance issues. 

It’s OCR audit time: How to get ready

Nowadays it’s clear that when hospitals prepare for audits manual processes are insufficient. In this guest post, Sam Abadir, director of product management at a provider of governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) solutions, presents what GRC solutions can offer facilities – operational efficiency, fundamental security and organizational resilience.

2016 OIG Work Plan: What hospitals need to look for

Do you know where your hospital needs to focus its compliance efforts in the new year? The Office of Inspector General (OIG) recently released its 2016 Work Plan, and it’s chock full of updates that’ll give facilities an idea of exactly what areas the feds’ll be closely monitoring. 

Cutting clutter: One hospital’s approach

With all the focus on boosting the quality of care in hospitals, other problems may fall through the cracks – such as clutter that creates obstructions in entryways and hallways. Ignoring this issue can cause headaches for facilities. 

Keys to working with the board to boost compliance

A hospital’s board has the potential to play a significant role in how well the facility stays in compliance with federal regulations. New guidelines spell out exactly what board members need to do to improve their hospital’s performance.