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Put your heart into delivering patient-centered care

“Patients come to us for high quality care — but they don’t like us very much.” That was the sentiment of Cleveland Clinic’s CEO, Dr. Delos “Toby” Cosgrove, when he took the reins at the Ohio mega-healthcare system 10 years ago. 

Malpractice suits: Lower your risk with honest and open communication

Do you know what patients report as the most important decision-making factor when they’re contemplating filing a lawsuit?

Doctors prefer traditional communication over technology

Despite the vast number of new tech products aimed at making communication easier, doctors still prefer talking to patients the old-fashioned way. 

83% of patients are worried about electronic records

Healthcare organizations are quickly adopting EHR systems, but many patients are still uncomfortable about their information being contained in electronic records. Here’s why — and what providers can do to help. 

3 downsides of electronic patient communication

As we’ve reported before, most patients want to use online portals to connect with their healthcare providers. However, a recent report shows why organizations might think twice about adopting some of those tools. 

Don’t let computers interfere with patient communication: 5 keys

As more hospitals start using EHRs and other health IT, many doctors may need to learn new communication skills. 

Report: Hospitals waste billions using outdated technology

As hospitals start converting more patient data into electronic forms, organizations could also benefit from an upgrade to their communication methods, according to a recent report. 

Study: Medical interns spend more time with computers than with patients

Among doctors’ complaints about electronic health records and other health IT is that they can take away time that would be spent treating and communicating with patients. Those physicians may have a point, according to a recent study of medical interns. 

Patients don’t like when doctors use clinical decision support tools, study says

One of the of the biggest benefits of EHRs and other health IT systems is that they give doctors access to new tools that help analyze data and guide doctors to make better decisions. However, a new study shows that many patients aren’t comfortable with doctors’ use of clinical decision support tools. 

3 downsides of EHRs – and how to fix them

When the right choices are made, an electronic health record (EHR) system can be a great investment for a healthcare provider. But organizations also must prepare for potential negative consequences and disappointing outcomes.