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3 healthcare technology security risks you should know about

The healthcare industry has become increasingly reliant on technology. From medical translation tools to mobile apps, these devices are helping healthcare institutions save money and improve patient treatment. But they’re also giving hackers the opportunity to steal sensitive health and financial information. In this guest post, Shayla Price, B2B marketing strategist, highlights three vulnerabilities in […] [MORE]

How 2015 will shape 2016 in health IT

Health information technology is constantly evolving, and the obstacles and opportunities that shaped 2015 will affect 2016. Five key health IT trends that had the greatest impact on the industry in 2015 were security, moving to the cloud, a focus on the patient, doing more with less and data center consolidation. In this guest post, […] [MORE]

Private vs. public vs. hybrid cloud: Which is best for your digital strategy?

Cloud is a foundational framework for building, deploying and operating digital health care. It’s also a critical enabler of any hospital’s digital transformation. As a more agile infrastructure, cloud can offer faster innovation, enhanced workflows and access to greater knowledge for better patient care while maintaining security and required governance. In this guest post, Brendan […] [MORE]