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Embracing IoT and cloud: It’s all about visibility and planning

Healthcare is one of society’s most vital industries, yet many healthcare organizations are struggling to keep up with technological innovations, namely the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing. In this guest post, Ofer Amitai, CEO and co-founder of a company that delivers network access control, visibility, management and policy compliance to ensure networks run […] [MORE]

3 lessons hospitals can learn about technology from Amazon

You may not think comparing healthcare delivery to a shopping website would be worthwhile. But according to one healthcare IT pro, when it comes to effective technology use, hospitals have a lot to learn from online retailer

IT-related compliance challenges in the new HIPAA rules

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently published updated HIPAA regulations that will be put in place this month. Here’s how hospitals’ IT operations might be affected. 

4 keys to avoid security pitfalls in cloud-based EHR systems

A recent study reveals some of the critical security steps hospitals must take before turning to a cloud computing service for their electronic health records. 

Watch out for these common EHR contract pitfalls

Finding a satisfactory EHR system is difficult, as evidenced by the fact that so many hospitals are shopping for new software to replace what they currently have. Aside from the software itself, one key for hospitals to focus on: understanding their contracts with vendors and getting a favorable agreement. 

Does your organization trust cloud providers too much?

Many healthcare providers are turning to cloud computing vendors for data storage, EHR software and other IT systems. And a new survey shows many organizations are trusting providers to protect information without verifying their security practices. 

3 keys for your hospital’s EHR backup plan

There’s one critical patient safety measure all hospitals using electronic health records should be taking: 

Overcoming the 4 biggest cloud computing challenges in health care

Cloud computing has a lot of potential to help hospitals cut costs, a new report says. Here’s some help overcoming some of the challenges hiding in the cloud.

Survey: Cloud computing services are secure

When healthcare organizations consider a move to cloud computing, their biggest concern is often the security of protected health information and other sensitive data that may be held by a third party. However, a new survey says those worries might be a little overblown. 

3 steps to avoid cloud computing risks in health care

Cloud computing is all the rage in IT these days, and many organizations are turning to cloud-based services for their IT needs. That includes healthcare providers, though they’re adopting cloud computing at a slower rate than in other industries.