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Rural hospitals can beat COVID-19 by shifting from reactive to pro-active care

The COVID-19 virus is ravaging the planet at a scale not seen since the infamous Spanish Flu of the early 1900s, inflicting immense devastation as the U.S. loses more than 265,000 lives and counting. According to CDC statistics, 94% of patient mortalities associated with COVID-19 were simultaneously suffering from preexisting conditions, leaving a mere 6% […] [MORE]

Chronic care management programs help address avoidable readmissions among Hispanic patients  

People with different ethnic backgrounds require different things from your facility and providers. Tailoring their care can make a big difference in their medical outcomes. In this guest post Mario Anglada, CEO of Hoy Health, details how other hospitals can reduce readmissions by adopting a chronic care management program designed specifically for Hispanic patients.

How patient mentors can boost patient outcomes, satisfaction

Often, the toughest part of keeping patients healthy is helping them manage their symptoms between visits — more and more hospitals are using this method to do just that. 

3 chronic care hurdles hospitals should plan for

Providers can finally get paid for coordinating care for patients with chronic illnesses, but it won’t be all smooth sailing when it come to getting reimbursement for chronic care management (CCM).

Can PHR systems lead to better chronic care management?

A large number of patients with chronic conditions struggle to keep up with routine care management. But this electronic health record (EHR) system feature could help facilities close those gaps.