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Strategies to improve children’s health after discharge

It’s important for providers to communicate information about recovery to patients and their families – but it’s even more critical for the youngest patients who can’t advocate for themselves. New research suggests providers must do more to educate parents about how to properly care for children after a hospital stay. 

Family members key in finding, avoiding errors in hospitals

Most clinicians do their best to make sure medical errors don’t happen to patients, especially children. But sometimes, despite this effort, mistakes happen, and it’s important to identify and correct them right away. Even the most diligent doctors and nurses may miss an error. When this happens, it’s important to turn to an expert source: […] [MORE]

Parents, family members can help docs spot medical errors

Unfortunately, errors happen. Knowing how to recognize them ASAP is essential to preventing unnecessary patient harm. Regarding young patients, providers can take a page from parents and guardians in identifying where mistakes happen in the care delivery process. 

Keys to improving the ED experience for children

Your hospital should be doing all it can to make children feel at ease when they’re visiting the emergency department for an illness – particularly those with autism and other related developmental disorders. 

Is your hospital ready to treat children in the ED?

Even if your hospital isn’t geared toward treating children, it’s likely your clinicians will see younger patients in emergency situations. That’s why it’s important for your emergency department (ED) to be prepared to treat children – and not all facilities are equipped to do so. 

Child patient satisfaction scores may affect payments

Hospitals worry about adult patient satisfaction scores affecting their reimbursement – but now a new scoring system for pediatric patients may also start playing a role in how facilities get paid.

How to make your hospital’s ER more child-friendly

Is your hospital doing everything it can to make its youngest patients as comfortable as possible when they’re brought to the emergency room?

Strategies for protecting your hospital when a data breach occurs

If your hospital hasn’t experienced a data breach, consider yourself lucky and get ready. Odds are it’s going to happen at some point in time.

Eye-opening study: Do all EDs treat uninsured kids equally?

You know that emergency departments must treat every person who walks through the doors seeking treatment. And you would think any sick or injured child would receive the same quality of treatments. But do they?