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Cancer treatment linked to cardiac issues

Chemotherapy, radiation and other targeted cancer treatments are lifesaving measures for many patients. But what doctors are discovering now is these treatments are wreaking havoc on cancer survivors’ hearts. 

Doc tells woman her 24-pound tumor is a pregnancy

One of the many benefits of using ultrasound: It helps doctors tell the difference between a fetus and cancer.

You beat cancer — now what?

Improvements in treating previously fatal cancers are creating new challenges: How to cope with the after-effects of cancer treatment.

Historic transplant operation saves child’s life

An historic six-organ transplant saved the life of a mortally ill nine-year-old girl. 

Woman cures her own cancer — by coughing it out

The phrase “coughing up a lung” is about to take on an entirely new meaning.

Did alternative medicine doom Steve Jobs?

After the death of the tech legend from a cancer with a high survival rate, some experts are asking whether his dalliances with alternative therapies and treatments was more of a hindrance than a help. 

Could your cancer be diagnosed by your hair stylist?

A bounce in your step and flattering layers aren’t the only benefits you can get from a good hairstylist — he or she may also be able to detect if you have skin cancer. 

‘Glad you have cancer’ sign is not the best bedside manner

Some health pros are better at delivering bad news than others, but here’s hoping no one is as bad as this guy:

Your cell phone really is killing you….maybe

The World Health Organization has added cell phone radiation to its list of known of carcinogens.

Dad hides toddler’s medical marijuana from doctor

A Montana father slipped his 2-year-old son cannabis oil — behind the doctor’s back — as part of his cancer treatment. Good idea or bad?