Healthcare News & Insights

States creating their own single-payer systems while feds fight out reform details

While the feds continue to figure out how to interpret the health care reform law they’ve already passed, some states are taking the matter into their own hands.

Patient claims EMTs kidnapped him, refuses to pay bill

Can an uninsured patient with a head injury refuse medical treatment he or she simply can’t afford?

‘Superbug’ is spreading, now in California

Patients in California are now becoming ill with a deadly infection as the hard-to-treat superbug makes it way into health care facilities across the nation.

Do hospital CEOs make too much?

There’s been angry reaction to the recent revelation that three public hospital CEOs are among the highest paid public employees in California. Is the pay — or the anger — justified?

Fake doctor pleads guilty to theft, illegal drug charges

Kurt Walter Donsbach, of Bonita, California, pleaded guilty to 13 felony counts related to his non-licensed medical practice.

Error-free hospitals: Are you kidding?

Public health officials in one state are investigating 87 hospitals which haven’t filed a single report of a medical error in the past three years.

Janitor sold patient records for cash

Recycling is great. Selling patient records to unauthorized recycling centers — not so great.

Hospital uses robots to reduce staffing costs

They may not have the greatest bedside manner, but a crew of 19 robots is saving one hospital a lot of money.

Fraudsters selling ‘Obamacare’ insurance to seniors

It was only a matter of time.

Nurses posted dying patient’s graphic photo on Facebook

Note to emergency room personnel: Refrain from taking grisly photos of dying patients and posting them online.