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Relationship between antibiotics, hospital beds & C. diff

Hospitals must do their part to reduce antibiotic use so they can stop the spread of deadly infections, including C. diff. If they aren’t necessary, these drugs can jeopardize the health of not just the patients who are prescribed them, but other hospital patients as well. And the risk can begin by assigning them a […] [MORE]

Dogs may help hospitals fight superbugs

Infection control is a serious issue for hospitals, especially regarding deadly superbugs. These bacteria sicken thousands of patients each year, and hospitals are trying many tactics to keep them under control. Soon, they may have some assistance in sniffing out superbugs from man’s best friend. 

Hospitals need to lower their C. diff rates: Here’s how

The battle against hospital-acquired infections rages on. While rates for some infections are down, hospitals need to do a better job of keeping patients from contracting others – particularly C. diff. 

A different way to stop C. diff in your hospital

Does your facility dispose of its sharps with a reusable container? If so, this practice could actually be increasing your patients’ risk of contracting C. diff. According to new research, single-use containers may be the way to go. 

Doctors overprescribe antibiotics: How hospitals can curb the trend

Overuse of antibiotics is putting patients in danger, and hospitals are some of the worst offenders.

C. diff infections on the rise: How one hospital stopped the trend

Many hospitals throughout the country face an uphill battle in curbing their rates of Clostridium difficile (C. diff) infection – but with a few simple tweaks, a Cincinnati hospital managed to drop its infection rates by 80%.