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Healthcare today: Swapping IT assets for vendor risk in a cloud-enabled world

The adoption of cloud computing in the healthcare industry has helped hospitals work more effectively and efficiently. However, it’s also brought to the forefront many new security threats. In this guest post, Kurt Hagerman, cyber strategy CxO advisor at a provider of cybersecurity advisory and assessment services, lays out a holistic approach facilities can take […] [MORE]

4 HIPAA compliance areas your BAs must check

It finally looks like the feds are starting up the next phase of HIPAA audits — but there’s still time to ensure your business associates (BAs) are staying compliant. 

Avoid this hospital’s $1M mistake with your vendors

When you’re making improvements to your hospital, it’s crucial to carefully vet vendors, whether they’re IT companies or equipment providers. One Texas hospital didn’t. The result: a huge hassle and over a $1 million loss.

How contracts can help ensure partners’ HIPAA compliance

Like it or not, your hospital is being held accountable for more than just its own cybersecurity. And how your business associates (BAs) handle cybersecurity could come back to haunt your facility. 

Ensuring HIPAA compliance with hospitals’ BAs

Securing protected health information (PHI) remains a top priority for facilities covered by HIPAA’s security rule, but their business associates (BAs) may not be on the same page. 

Security breaches: How protected is your organization?

HIPAA violations can cost healthcare organizations between $50,000 and $2.3 million. But those fines aren’t only because of health information breaches. 

Data breaches expected to get worse before they get better

Think the healthcare industry is getting a handle on data breaches because of all of its sophisticated technology and protection plans?