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Physician burnout rising: What hospitals can do

Historically, physician burnout has been a big problem at hospitals – and it’s not getting much better. In fact, the latest research shows many more doctors are at the brink of exhaustion, so facilities need to correct this issue fast. 

Avoid big legal issues with nurses’ shifts, overtime

When it comes to the legal rights of nurses and other hospital staff during the work day, there are several huge pitfalls hospitals must avoid. Two recent cases demonstrate why hospitals need to be careful when scheduling nurses for overtime and making sure they’re paid properly for their work. 

2 unique stress busters to keep nurses focused, calm

To help them manage their stress, some nurses are turning to two unique methods — mindfulness and chaos theory. 

Boost retention of ICU nurses: Here’s how

ICU nurses currently have high rates of turnover and burnout. One new study gives insight into how hospitals can avoid this phenomenon.

Will physician suicide affect your hospital?

Did you know the majority of U.S. physicians are stressed or burned out? And not only does job stress and burnout lead to greater turnover, which is costly for hospitals, it also plays a much larger role in physician suicides than it does among nonphysician suicides.

Nurse burnout increases likelihood of infection

A new study shows the negative effects that “burned-out” nurses can have on a hospital’s quality of care.

Study: Burned out med students more likely to give poor care

The stresses of medical school may have some value as a way of testing students’ mettle, but it comes with a real cost.