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Hospitals face hiring issues: How to respond

If it’s been harder for you to find quality staff at your hospital for all levels, whether it’s fellow executives or front-line nursing staff, you’re not alone. Hospitals are currently experiencing high levels of turnover. That, combined with a smaller talent pool, has made hiring difficult. 

Animal therapy benefits hospital patients, staff

Over the years, animal therapy has become more popular in hospitals. Not only is it used to help patients feel more at ease, it’s also become a technique to help hospital staff fight stress, sadness and burnout. 

5 keys to reducing physician burnout

Physician burnout is an ongoing problem in hospitals. Burned-out doctors have a negative impact on the care a hospital provides. So it’s an issue that healthcare executives must address at their facilities. 

Health IT pros are stressed: Ways to help

Recently, there’s been much attention given to burnout among doctors and nurses, but another group of hospital professionals may also be experiencing high levels of stress: your IT staff. Judging by the results of a new survey, healthcare IT professionals may be the next group of burned-out workers in your hospital. 

Animal therapy can help doctors & nurses, too

Animal therapy has proved beneficial for the recovery of hospital patients. But its benefits don’t end there. Using furry friends for therapy can help doctors and nurses relieve stress and fight burnout. 

‘Renewal rooms’ fight nurse burnout, stress

Your nurses do a great job of caring for patients. But they can also become fatigued, fast – and not just physically. Burnout and stress can negatively affect how well nurses perform each day. Hospitals need to do what they can to help their nurses maintain their emotional health. 

Doctors reveal their biases in new survey

Whether they’re positive or negative, most people have biases in some areas. You don’t want to think your hospital’s physicians allow any biases to adversely affect patient care, but according to new research, they may have a bigger impact than doctors think. 

Physician burnout rising: What hospitals can do

Historically, physician burnout has been a big problem at hospitals – and it’s not getting much better. In fact, the latest research shows many more doctors are at the brink of exhaustion, so facilities need to correct this issue fast. 

Avoid big legal issues with nurses’ shifts, overtime

When it comes to the legal rights of nurses and other hospital staff during the work day, there are several huge pitfalls hospitals must avoid. Two recent cases demonstrate why hospitals need to be careful when scheduling nurses for overtime and making sure they’re paid properly for their work. 

2 unique stress busters to keep nurses focused, calm

To help them manage their stress, some nurses are turning to two unique methods — mindfulness and chaos theory.