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Adapt your budget to increase innovation: 3 common pitfalls to avoid

You know it as well as anyone, finding room in the budget to adopt new, innovative technology is an epic feat. Innovation just isn’t a priority when there are so many other requirements and restrictions on your cash flow, and it often doesn’t have an immediately visible impact on patient care or safety. 

Report: Drug costs on the rise for hospitals

Rising drug prices are making an impact on every aspect of health care, including hospital care. In fact, increased drug costs are straining many facilities’ budgets – even with older brand-name drugs and generics. A new report sheds light on just how expensive some prescriptions have gotten. 

New CMS payment rule for 2017: What hospitals can expect

Get ready: The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has just released the final rule for next year’s inpatient payment system, and there are several changes that’ll affect your hospital’s reimbursement – including a pending pay cut. 

New overtime rule: How it’ll affect hospitals

You’ve likely heard about the Department of Labor’s (DOL) recent updates to the overtime threshold. Hospitals will be significantly affected by the changes, which are set for the end of the year, and the time to start preparing is now. 

Cleaning up claims improves profit and service

As we enter the third enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), some of the initial kinks are getting worked out, but many issues still need attention. For hospitals, one of the main challenges is staying profitable. In this guest post, Yossi Zekri, president and CEO of an identity solutions provider, points out one source of […] [MORE]

Hospital budgets: Where’s the money going?

With all the new initiatives from the feds that affect reimbursement, budgeting is more challenging than ever. A new survey sheds some light on what hospital executives are prioritizing in their budgets right now – and where your hospital should be focusing its efforts. 

Health IT spending rises as hospital budgets decrease

Planning to make significant health IT investments in 2013? Your organization isn’t alone. 

7 project management keys for health IT implementations

Health IT projects are often huge undertakings that can be easily derailed. Here are some project management steps providers can take during their next health IT implementation. 

5 hidden costs of EHR systems

A new EHR system requires a big investment in software. But the implementation will likely cost an organization a lot more than what is spent on the system itself. 

5 reasons health care spends too much on IT – and what to do about it

Healthcare organizations are spending a lot on IT services and software – and a lot more than they have to, according to one recent report.