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Making cyber crises less terrifying

No hospital wants to experience a cyber breach. But hospitals should prepare for one in advance so they aren’t scrambling last minute and make matters worse. In this guest post, Eden Gillott, president of a strategic communications and reputation management firm, details how to prepare for a cyber emergency.

Patient data’s biggest threat: Man vs. machine

In 2015, the healthcare industry experienced 265 recorded cybersecurity data breaches, and those are just the ones that affected more than 500 patients, according to the Office of Civil Rights. While attacks on large-scale providers made headlines, organizations of all sizes are constantly at risk of a breach. In this guest post, Mark Johnson, founder […] [MORE]

Added security risk of mobile healthcare workforce

Healthcare organizations are certainly not immune to cyber attacks. Sensitive data and personal health information (PHI) contained in patient records are often the ultimate target and can be extremely valuable to hackers. In this guest post, Nick Owen, president of a two-factor authentication provider, explains what make this data so valuable and how two-factor authentication can help protect […] [MORE]

Data breach: Former hospital employee accessed 2,400 patient records

The latest hospital to experience an internal data breach is the University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center in Worcester. 

Privacy breach: 6 people fired at prestigious hospital

After 14 patient records were “inappropriately accessed,” in a week’s time, six people were fired from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, in Los Angeles.