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Spot & stop medication nonadherence with data analytics

Patient nonadherence to medication is one of the biggest problems facing providers and hospitals today. Treatment doesn’t work if someone doesn’t follow instructions, but how can facilities spot those patients – and convince them to change their behavior? Strategic use of patient data can help. 

How to make big data work for your next project: 4 strategies

Projects that analyze big data give hospitals unique opportunities to explore problems and develop effective, efficient solutions. But before your facility begins its next big data project, try these best practices. 

Report reveals why most Big Data projects fail

Big Data has been getting a lot of attention lately, especially in health care. However, a recent survey says many attempts to start Big Data projects fail before they’re completed. 

What is big data, and why should healthcare firms care?

Like companies in many other industries, healthcare organizations have access to much more information coming in at a much faster pace than ever before. And firms that don’t figure out how to use that information may be losing money.