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4 warning signs to watch for in elderly ED patients

Hospitals need to take into account the specific needs of elderly patients when they’re admitted – particularly since Medicare’s coming after hospitals for poor outcomes such as readmissions. New research shows there are several red flags that an elderly person’s condition may decline to the point where he or she will need more care. 

Avoid repeat emergency department visits for patients with this strategy

To curb healthcare spending, the feds want to crack down on emergency department “repeat offenders,” or those who make multiple visits to the ED in a short time period. And they’re enlisting help from hospitals themselves.

What puts an ER at risk of closing?

A recent study in the Annals of Emergency Medicine found three main factors put a given hospital’s emergency department at risk.

More preventive care being offered in Emergency departments

A new survey confirms the vast majority of emergency departments are offering preventive services — whether or not they should is a matter of some debate.