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Will Medicare’s sustainable growth rate finally get fixed?

Every year now for what seems like forever, Medicare threatens physicians with a severe cut in Medicare pay, and Congress has to step in at the last minute and save the day. Reason: Medicare’s sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula is severely flawed. That’s why this year Congress released a draft SGR-replacement proposal on Oct. 31.

Health IT not ready for Stage 3 Meaningful Use requirements, panel says

The federal government is getting ready to develop the Stage 3 Meaningful Use requirements for its EHR incentive program. And some groups say a few of the potential requirements won’t be possible for healthcare organizations to meet. 

Will the U.S. skip ICD-10 and move straight to ICD-11?

With all debate over whether to change a proposed ICD-10 coding deadline extension, one group is looking a possible solution: skipping ICD-10 entirely and moving straight to ICD-11. 

AMA: ICD-10 deadline should be pushed back further

Thought the debate over ICD-10 codes was finished after a one-year delay was proposed by the feds? Think again. Some groups are still pushing for the government to give doctors and hospitals more time to switch to the new coding system. 

3 under-used EHR features

Electronic health record systems are a worthwhile investment for healthcare providers. But there are some EHR features many providers aren’t using that could help them get even more out of that investment. 

ICD-10 deadline may be pushed back, CMS chief says

In recent months, groups representing doctors and healthcare organizations have been urging the feds to delay the 2013 deadline for transitioning to the new set of ICD-10 codes. Now, it looks like those efforts may be paying off. 

Providers warned not to pause IDC-10 implementations

Healthcare providers are being warned not to stop planning their ICD-10 transitions, despite recent efforts to have the deadline for the new set of codes delayed. 

AMA launches health IT tutorials for doctors

Here’s a new resource for healthcare organizations implementing new technologies. 

AMA begins campaign to stop ICD-10 transition

Though regulators have indicated they won’t delay the 2013 deadline for healthcare organizations to start using ICD-10 codes, one physician organization has vowed to work to postpone the transition.

Which docs gets sued most often — and what’s the real cost?

A new study from the American Medical Association looked into which doctors — by gender, age, specialty, etc. — are most likely to get sued or have other liability claims against them.