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One state’s planning to reduce opioid use after surgery

Hospitals across the country must do what they can to stop the epidemic of opioid abuse in patients – especially since many people start abusing them after surgery. Some hospitals are combining their efforts with more population-focused programs so they can turn the tide of abuse and addiction. 

Workers with drug addictions: How to respond

Prescription drug abuse is on the rise. The growing problem affects hospitals – and not just because they’re treating more people who overdose on medications. Hospital workers who struggle with addiction often steal drugs intended for patients, and the lengths they go to cover it up can create dangerous situations. 

Survey finds more surgeons are abusing alcohol

A new study offers a disturbing glimpse into how many surgeons are abusing alcohol — and the effects that may have on their patients.

10 hospitals now offer special addiction residencies

Growing interest in treating addiction as a medical issue, not a mental health issue, is behind the new program.

Nurse caught sucking used Fentanyl patches — out of the medical waste bin

Who knew drug addiction could turn into an environmental crime?

New program IDs potential addicts sooner — and with less awkwardness

Getting patients to answer honestly if they are abusing drugs or alcohol isn’t easy. A new program helps.

More doctors advising patients to turn on, tune in and drop out

A popular recreational drug from the 60s is making a comeback as a legitimate pharmaceutical.

Staffer steals Fentanyl, infects patients with Hep C

Stoned staffers roaming the halls present more than just the obvious risks to patients.